Find Designer Cute Dresses for Kids

Fashion is not simply a choice you make; it is the message that you send. Instill in your child a sense of glamorous fun with the geometrically styled collections that inspire and excite. Modern minimalism with a punk edge, the collection of kid's clothes and baby girl dresses are the peak style of children's fashion. We combine cool with fun in a high quality boutique style that allows your child to speak their inner voice. We invite you to experience the Nasha Kids edge for yourself.

Trendy Kids Clothing that Makes Your Statement through Street Style

Nasha Kids is the new designer children's fashion specialist taking the world by storm. Catering for those that place a high value on style and quality, our range has been custom crafted from a true love of luxury. Starting as a small, local designer in Tel Aviv, Israel, Nasha has expanded to retailers in the U.S. to offer the exciting and fun collections to modern fashion aficionados. The word “Nasha” means “our” in Russian, and represents the fierce confidence and pride in one's own self. Clothing is no longer simply cloth that covers the body; it is a statement that introduces you to the world.

Where Style Meets Quality

The Nasha Kids collections is available to browse and purchase online. We ship worldwide so that you can enjoy the highest quality kid's clothes wherever you are. Our boutique is located in Tel Aviv, but with retailers in the U.S. and our future expansion into the Australian, European and Japanese markets, it has never been easier to let your kids express themselves.